Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sketches form the island Möja

Here are some sketches I did from the Island Möja in the Stockholm archipelago over the last couple weeks.
morning bath 60x80 cm  oil on linen
Private Collection                                 
dasset 10x20 cm oil on paper,
private collection

boat house 20x30cm oil on paper

late afternoon 18x2cm0 oil on paper

summer house 20x20cm oil on paper

boat house 2  10x20cm  oil on linen

Möja 25x35cm oil on panel

boat in the shade 30x40cm oil on panel

lampa 20x30cm oil on panel
Private Collection

fiskebod 20x30cm oil on panel

Södermöja 20x40cm oil on paper

post Södermöja 25x35cm oil on panel

flakmoped 20x30cm oil on panel
Private Collection

kyrkviken Möja 30x40cm oil on linen

a day inside 30x40cm oil on panel
Private Collection

the old boat house 50x60cm oil on linen

smoke house Möja 50x70cm oil on linen
the old boat house in sun 18x24cm oil on paper
Kyrkviken July 50x70cm oil on linen

sundholmen 30x40cm oil on panel

Löka boat house 25x30cm oil on paper

a man's hobby 30x40cm oil on panel

A man's hobby detail
Most people on the island of Möya get around by boat or with a three wheeled moped called a flakmoped. There is a small random stretch of rail road track, no more than 50 or so meters long, that I was told at one point was to help move cargo from the ship to the little store. One morning, on my way to the store, I noticed some people standing around the rail road track and sure enough, there was an old steam engine chugging down the line! As it turns out a college professor has the train as a hobby and takes it out every once and a while to give rides to the kids. He told us that the train came from the far north of sweden and had it moved all of the way out to the middle of the Stockholm archipelago. The train was delivered at a dock two kilometers form his house so he moved the train himself, 50 meters at a time. Lay the track, fire up the train and move it 50 meters, take up the track and lay it again... It took him two years to get the train to its final resting place!